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The only ECM application you need for documents, records & process instances

A universal ECM client for Windows devices –
Doxis4 winCube

Software ergonomics and functional range are decisive factors when it comes to acceptance and user productivity. Bringing together the latest developments in GUI design, Doxis4 winCube has been streamlined for maximum usability. Now you don't have to adapt to the software, Doxis4 is designed to adapt to what you want. The menus detect context, saving you from searching through lists of different functions. Doxis4 identifies what is needed to perform a particular process and predicts what you'd like to do next.

Doxis4 winCube is the universal Windows client for the Doxis4 iECM Suite. It covers a wide variety of functions needed for working with information on a day-to-day basis: capturing documents, records and process instances, indexing and editing, searching and displaying, all the way down to completing work items and process instances. Thanks to the diversity of its functions and customisable intuitive design (featuring personalised interfaces in Microsoft Office design), Doxis4 winCube stands out from the crowd as an ergonomic ECM client for Windows workstations.

Doxis4 iECM Suite's powerful ECM infrastructure and central Doxis4 Content Repository provide a basic platform for working in Doxis4 winCube. In addition to the Doxis4 Windows client, users also have access to web-based and mobile clients that can be used at the same time in one solution. This means that all employees and contractors are always working with the latest version of information. They are able to access this information from their PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone, depending on what they need at the time.

When working on Doxis4 winCube, our engineers aimed to develop a state-of-the-art solution and focused particularly on creating an adjustable operation concept. Anyone who works with Microsoft Office on a regular basis won't need long to get to grips with the user interface in Doxis4 winCube. Featuring a context-sensitive ribbon and Outlook-style navigation bar, SER's ECM client fits neatly into the Microsoft Windows environment. The user interfaces can be adapted to meet the needs of both the organisation in question and the individual users. Thanks to features like the favourites functions, preferred overviews and search templates, users can manage and use documents, records and process instances efficiently in a standard, state-of-the-art environment. Document templates, annotations, offline functions, and integrated scan, OCR and barcode functions for acquisition workstations complete the range of practical features.

Search & display

Doxis4 winCube gives users access to the entire pool of information (provided they have the corresponding access rights, of course). Practical search functions like the quick search, index search and intelligent fulltext search, and hierarchical record navigation help to make sure that you can always find the exact information you need within a matter of moments.

The integrated viewer displays over 300 different files formats without needing access to the application used to created the file in the first place.

Filing, processing & workflows

Thanks to the universal Windows client for the Doxis4 iECM Suite, users are able to file and archive documents, records, process instances and work items in a single client. They can use the same client to then find these items again and start work. For example, Doxis4 winCube includes functions for checking “live” documents in and out, creating various working versions, adding annotations, and forwarding documents following appropriate checks. Once a document has been finalised, Doxis4 winCube then files it in the Doxis4 Archive in a secure and audit-proof manner.

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What it has to offer

  • Universal Windows application for documents, records, process instances and work items
  • Certified for use with Windows 7 and Windows 8
  • Standard, up-to-date information available from the central Doxis4 Content Repository at any time, even offline
  • Windows, web and mobile clients that can be used at the same time in one solution

Features & strengths

  • A flexible universal ECM application

    Doxis4 winCube is a comprehensive Windows-based ECM client containing everything you need in your day-to-day work with documents, records, process instances and work items. Depending on the application scenario and types of users (anything from power users to employees who only use it occasionally), the range of functions and user interfaces may differ considerably thanks to a range of customisable views, access rights and networking sharing functions. The context-sensitive ribbon automatically adapts to the current application, just like in Microsoft Office.

  • Your own personal Windows workstation

    Doxis4 winCube gives every single user access to a full ECM workstation, from which they have direct access to relevant information stored in the Content Repository. The workstation provides users with a list of all pending work items in their own personal workbasket, in group workbaskets and in any other workbaskets to which they have access. What's more, you can open up recent and “favourite” documents, records, process instances, work items and search results at the simple touch of button. As soon as you launch the Doxis4 winCube client, functions and overviews that you use on a regular basis will be made available thanks to autostart. Users are also able to customise the quick access bar, layout templates for result lists, navigation elements and display, export and print functions to meet their needs.

  • Offline access

    Doxis4 winCube enables you to display and edit content from the Doxis4 Content Repository, even when you aren't online. Let's say you're on your way to meet a customer. All you have to do is log in before you leave and download all the documents or records you need on to the cache. You will then be able to display or edit the downloaded documents at any time in offline mode. Doxis4 winCube also features an integrated Download Manager which synchronises all content automatically to help you manage offline documents and then upload any subsequent changes.

  • Integrated document display

    Special document formats (like AutoCAD drawings and Visio charts, etc.) that can normally only be viewed in their original applications can be accessed in Doxis4 winCube, even if you don't have access to said application. This is particularly useful for the long-term audit-proof storage of documents. For example, you may be required to present a particular document years after it was first archived and the original application uninstalled. Doxis4 winCube's integrated viewer can be used with over 300 different formats and even enables you to add annotations too. This covers all common formats such as images and Office documents. The original application simply has to be installed on the device for editing purposes. For larger documents, the compact read mode displays an overview of the document and enables you to flick through the pages with ease. 

  • Parallel use on other clients and devices

    Doxis4 winCube is just one of the ways you can access your documents, records, process instances and work items in Doxis4. Depending on the situation in question, the functions needed, and usage rates, employees are able to use the additional browser-based and mobile clients to access Doxis4 on their PCs, laptops, tablets or smartphones. As a result, they are able to access and use the most recent versions of documents, records, process instances and work items at any time, no matter where they are in the world. Regardless of the client or device used, roles and access rights can be managed centrally in the Doxis4 cubeDesigner.

Work efficiently in familiar user environments

Doxis4 winCube's flexible user interface incorporates popular control elements from Office applications (ribbons with context-sensitive options, the Outlook navigation bar, etc.) and practical online features (tabs like those used in browsers, suggestions when entering search terms, etc.). Users therefore have no issue getting to grips with the functions and are able to access search and filing dialogs, workbaskets and favourites within a single familiar interface. 

Preview Lupe
Preview Lupe

Clear, precise search results

Even companies with large information pools can use the Doxis4 winCube search function to find exactly the information they are looking for in the Doxis4 Content Repository. You can even open up the search functions and result lists from other Windows applications thanks to handy shortcut keys. Results are displayed in table form and can be filtered, grouped and sorted. What's more, results are dated so they can be displayed in a clear calendar view. You can even compare and evaluate results using particular index values in compressed overviews. 

A quick note

If you're working on a document and spot something you want to highlight or add, the annotation function is on hand to help, enabling you to add comments straight onto the document. Any annotations added in Doxis4 winCube are visible to all employees (provided they have the right access rights), regardless of whether they have accessed the document in the Windows client, web client or mobile client. Personal and confidential comments can also be added in a quick and secure process. Comments can be added in precisely the right spot, without altering the content of the document itself or having to copy the file for personal use.

Preview Lupe

Overview of functions in Doxis4 winCube

Windows client

  • Ability to work on documents, records, process instances and work items in a universal Windows application
  • Windows and Office style user interfaces (ribbons, tabbed browsing, virtual navigation bar and many more)
  • Configurable functions and interfaces for a range of different application scenarios and user groups
  • Personal settings: favourites, views, layouts, positions, etc.
  • Certified for Windows 7 and Windows 8
  • Single Sign-On via Windows authentication (Kerberos) 

Search & display

  • Search function that covers the entire Doxis4 Content Repository using a number of search dialogs and quick searches (depending on the case in question)
  • Index search covering document attributes
  • Fulltext search covering document content
  • Combined search covering both document attributes and content
  • Quick search function from any application using shortcut key
  • Dynamic results lists with sorting, grouping and filter functions
  • Viewer for over 300 file formats – quick preview function with thumbnails, new read mode and original preview
  • Offline mode that displays documents even when the user is not connected to Doxis4

Importing, filing & indexing

  • Import function for individual documents, folders and directories
  • Filing and mapping (e.g. in records/folders) using a drag & drop function
  • Manual and automatic indexing using document attributes or content
  • Contextual support when entering index values
  • Direct access from Office applications with document templates and metadata mapping
  • Electronic signature function using chip card solution

Editing & collaboration

  • Version management and check-in/check-out system
  • Function enabling teams to work together on “live” documents (collaboration)
  • Notification service for receiving updates when changes are made to documents, records and searches
  • Wide range of annotation tools for adding notes, marking text and providing comments
  • Offline mode (also without document check-out)


  • Effective local scanner management
  • Scanner profile management
  • ISIS scanner support
  • OCR & barcode support


  • Tenant capability, multi-server support
  • Integrated development environment and multilingual customisation – Doxis4 cubeDesigner
  • Design function for filing templates, search templates and results lists
  • Configuration for views, access rights and network sharing
  • Wide range of scripting options
  • Centralised or decentralised administration (user, group or role structures)
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