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Electronic procurement records – making your purchasing processes even simpler

Improve your procurement processes with Doxis4

Making sure that goods are supplied economically is one of the key challenges in the procurement process. Without a professional electronic record and document management solution, dealing with information may become a major obstacle in your processes. While supply chain management (SCM) and logistics solutions may aim to create a streamlined flow of objects (including information), they still lack a suitable method for integrating more document-intensive processes into the digital world of procurement. While SCM and ERP systems have helped to streamline data-oriented processes within purchasing, companies are still missing out on a solution that fully documents all stages of all paperwork-heavy processes. Doxis4 procurement records help to close this gap as they can be integrated into existing SCM and ERP systems, thus helping you to increase efficiency significantly.

All your procurement data available at all times

For the majority of procurement processes, documents are used to both start and complete the process. Documents have to be created, edited, reviewed and approved. To manage this process, companies require a professional record and document management solution that documents the entire procurement process from initial contact with a supplier to the end of a business relationship. It should provide users with structured documentation that they can manage in both a transparent and audit-proof manner, covering the assessment of material requirements, any initial enquiries, the order process, all the way down to the approval of payments for supplier invoices.

Doxis4 procurement records manage and archive all documents in a single system, no matter what format or media they are – from input and document editing, all the way to archiving (output). After many years of waiting, all employees involved in purchasing are now able to access all documents, records and process instances related to a single procurement transaction. By enabling you to integrate all written documentation containing unstructured data, Doxis4 is the perfect companion for your existing SCM and ERP systems. Because Doxis4 electronic procurement records are compatible with a number of different media, you are able to file and display product videos, images, links to suppliers' websites, etc., in addition to normal written correspondence and tenders.

Keep all your team on the same page

Doxis4 procurement records help to make decision-making processes more transparent. They also provide an efficient tool for managing such processes and help you to make sure that all members of the purchasing team are always working with the same, up-to-date information. You are able to decide who is permitted to view a particular document, folder or record at object level, folder level or record level. In contrast to standard paper files, Doxis4 procurement records are not physically tied to a particular location because they can also be accessed via the Doxis4 mobileCube or standard offline record functions when you are out on the road.

Relationships between particular information objects become more visible thanks to the ability to set up links, for example between individual documents (e.g. linking an offer with a price list), between documents and records (e.g. linking current order processes to older ones), between process instances and records (e.g. linking several order processes for one type of material), and between individual records (e.g. linking procurement records to supplier records), etc. Procurement processes often require teams and processes from several different departments or sites to use the same information; thanks to Doxis4 eRecords, you can all work together safely no matter where you are or what time it is. One of the biggest advantages of this is that several people are able to access a single information object at once.

From procurement records to supplier records

Procurement records are enhanced by the addition of supplier records and optional material records. The former enables you to document the entire life cycle of your relationship with a particular supplier while the latter helps you to document the properties and quality of a particular material. In contrast to a procurement record, supplier records look only at documents related to one single supplier. This includes information on their credit rating, current price lists, certifications, material audits, defect reports, acceptance certificates, etc.

You can set up Doxis4 supplier records automatically when setting up an accounts payable record. This means you can jump straight to the supplier record from the data record display in your SCM and ERP system or from the order requirements page in your material management system. Doxis4 supplier records extract a lot of their information from material management systems, e.g. order data. Data is automatically filed into Doxis4 supplier records using index values transferred from your material management system. If you place any orders without using a material management system (which is often the case for small parts orders), you can also set up procurement records manually.

It all starts with an enquiry

The majority of procurement processes start with you sending a written enquiry to a supplier asking about a particular product or service. All information involved in this is collated and stored separately in a variety of paper folders, file directories or email accounts. You can't start using an ERP system to manage the order process until you have actually placed an order. However, Doxis4 procurement records provide valuable support for the earlier stages of the procurement process without an order process needing to be set up in the ERP system. They are particularly useful if several different employees from several different departments are involved in one process. These employees are able to create new documents and start new processes straight out of the Doxis4 procurement record. To support this process, Doxis4 enables you to set up document templates containing pre-configured content on procurement processes. Supplier data can then be added to the templates automatically and adjusted to meet the procurement process in question. All outbound communication is also automatically added to your procurement records. If you do end up placing an order, you can link your procurement record to the order transaction in your ERP system once the order has been made.

Find out more about electronic procurement records

What it has to offer

  • Complete documentation of all paperwork-heavy procurement processes
  • Access to all current and historic information
  • Complete integration into SCM, ERP, Office and email systems
  • Access for all sites and departments – also accessible on the go
  • Variety of different views (material management, finances, etc.)

Features & strengths

  • Integration in existing SCM, ERP, Office and email systems

    Electronic procurement records can be integrated into all supply chain management, ERP, Office and email systems, providing users with additional functions such as a full and up-to-date overview of all relevant documents in the procurement process, including email communication, drawings, product photos and videos. Procurement records practically maintain themselves, in that the relevant documents are automatically transferred and indexed from the systems named above. Doxis4 procurements records can be opened simply straight from your SCM and ERP solutions.

  • Compliance

    Compliance is becoming increasingly important for both national and international companies. For example, suppliers may be required to adhere to labour standards, health and safety regulations and environmental standards and provide evidence for this. When it comes to disputes or claims for damages, written evidence of compliance with such standards is essential. Doxis4 procurement records are an audit-proof and legally-compliant solution for documenting entire “written” procurement processes, while the Audit Trail function shows you who has received, viewed, edited, altered, approved or deleted which information and when.

  • Structured records and an individual record view

    Doxis4 procurement records follow the same structure as your typical paper-based folders. A digital cover sheet provides you with an overview of the record's content and highlights particularly important information. A monitor function keeps an eye on your deadlines, reminding you when they are due at an early stage. Just like with paper files, you can assign content in procurement records to folders and sub-folders, using a particular classification scheme if you so wish. Furthermore, you have the option of creating individual views of the information pool at any time, which you can then save as favourites. For example, you can use this function to receive a regular, automatic overview of all current defect notifications or all orders from the past two weeks.

  • The easy way to edit your records and documents

    The Doxis4 Notification Service is the perfect solution for users who want to be updated every time a new document is added to a procurement record. You will receive an email to inform you every time a new document is saved to your record. If you don't want to receive a notification for every single document, you can also narrow your notifications down to particular types of documents or particular time frames, etc. Doxis4's version management function helps to ensure that you are always working with the most recent version of a document.

  • Intelligent workflows

    As well as supporting electronic procurement records and supplier records, the integrated review and approval processes based on Doxis4 Workflow mean that documents are also easier to create, distribute, coordinate and maintain. These workflows enable you to standardise heterogeneous procurement processes, design more transparent (and less condensed) approval processes and complete processes more quickly. When it comes to approving orders and order requirements, our ad-hoc (adaptive case management) and production workflows are particular useful, depending on whether you'd like the procurement process to be customisable or automated. These workflows enable work items to be distributed to the persons responsible automatically. These people can respond to work items via email using the integrated functions for accepting, rejecting and commenting on items.

Overview of procurement records in Doxis4

Procurement record management

  • Standard record structure for managing all documents, records and process instances from various sources related to a particular procurement process
  • Ability to manage a number of different formats, including multimedia content, e.g. product videos, product images, links to suppliers' websites
  • Integration into existing SCM, ERP, Office and email systems: Automatic transfer and indexing of relevant documents plus access to procurement records directly from SCM and ERP systems
  • Structured format for folders and sub-folders similar to paper filing folders
  • Electronic record cover sheet containing basic information on the record, its contents and any relevant deadlines
  • Wide variety of linking functions: document-document, document-record, record-record, etc., without redundant data
  • Flexible configurations for individual record views (e.g. orders, faults, etc.)
  • Mobile access via web-based and mobile clients
  • Offline records: Electronic records can be taken on the road thanks to check-in/check-out service with full access to all functions for viewing and editing (automatic synchronization)

Procurement document management

  • Audit-proof storage and secure filing for all documents and records needed for the procurement process
  • Integrated DMS functions: record filing (manual or automatic batch filing), search, edit, version management, history, etc.
  • Wide range of annotation functions, similar to editing paper documents: post-it notes, stamps, text markers, comments, and many more
  • International compatibility thanks to multilingual functions (Unicode compatible)
  • Integrated viewer for more than 300 different formats
  • Subscription function for receiving information via email e.g. new documents, status updates, releases/approvals
  • Function for capturing paper documents using fully integrated scan software
  • Audit Trail function that documents: who has done what to which documents and when

Procurement process management

  • Connection to Doxis4 Workflow possible to help standardise heterogeneous procurement processes and design transparent and efficient release processes
  • Ad-hoc workflows (adaptive case management) and production workflows supported – for individual or automated procurement processes
  • Automated distribution of work items: electronic workbaskets and group workbaskets 
  • Workflow functions integrated into email programs: accept, reject and comment

Supplier record management

  • Standardised record structure for managing supplier information and documents in a number of different formats and from a wide range of sources
  • Compact overview of all basic supplier data (information cockpit)
  • Automatic transfer of supplier master data from ERP, SCM and other systems

Security and safe access

  • Secure access thanks to authorisation, authentication, SSL encryption for client-server communication and the transfer of access rights from leading systems
  • Role-based and finely-grained authorisation system (tabs, folders, documents, temporary access, etc.)