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Doxis4 Archive Service - Archiving with Doxis4

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Doxis4 Archive Service - Archiving with Doxis4

The Doxis4 Archive Service is a central service of Doxis4 that stores information, e.g. documents, images, drawings, data, etc., in a company-wide, audit-proof and long-term archive. All information stored in Doxis4 are given metadata, which are used for classification, retrieval and storage. Metadata can be extracted from the documents, taken from third-party systems or manually entered. 
With the Doxis4 Audit Trail Service for auditing, the Doxis4 Retention Service for managing retention periods, and the Doxis4 Storage Adapters, it is possible to ensure that all requirements for legally compliant archiving are covered. Deep integration into any ERP, CRM and HR system is also possible.

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