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Managing directors of the SER companies

Sven Behrendt, Managing Director
SER eGovernment Europe GmbH

Sven Behrendt has been a managing director of SER eGovernment Europe GmbH along with Kurt-Werner Sikora and Albert Baumberger since 2003. Having held this role for over ten years, his role involves handling strategic eGovernment projects (eRecords, processing and long-term archiving) and partnerships in the eGovernment market. As SER's regional office manager for Hamburg, he has also been responsible for Professional Service in these areas for a number of years.

Johannes Breuers, Managing Director

Johannes Breuers is a managing director of both SER Solutions Deutschland GmbH and SER Solutions International GmbH. As CFO, he is responsible for the finance, controlling and annual domestic accounts departments, and also shares responsibility for SER's consolidated financial statement with the other managing partners.

Johannes joined SER in 2007 after qualifying as a tax adviser and chartered accountant, having previously studied business administration and economics, and completed a banking apprenticeship. 

Klaus Eulenbach, Managing Director

Klaus Eulenbach is a managing director of SER Software Technology GmbH, Doxis4 Cloud & Storage Services GmbH and S.E.R. Solutions Polska Sp. z o.o. He has been responsible for SER's software development and quality assurance in a managerial capacity for over 25 years, during which time he has also headed up the development of all four SER software product generations. From the fledgling stages of electronic archiving through to document and workflow management and the latest Doxis4 iECM suite, Mr Eulenbach has played a crucial role in driving forward each and every one of SER's software developments.

He studied computer science at Cologne University of Applied Sciences and started his SER career back in 1987 as a software developer.

Philipp Gunzer, Managing Director
SER Banking Software Solutions GmbH

Philipp Gunzer has been a managing director of SER Banking Software Solutions GmbH along with Oswald Freisberg since 2009. As SER's regional office manager for Bonn and Munich, he is also responsible for Professional Service in these areas. His role involves managing project operations and development activities in the banking sector.

Dr Gregor Joeris, Managing Director

As managing director of SER Software Technology GmbH, Dr Gregor Joeris is responsible for Technology & Products. As chief product manager, he has been responsible for the technological development of SER software since 2001. For over 15 years, he has been involved in the design and development of software architectures for both ECM and BPM. In fact, in his capacity as product manager, he remains the key decision maker when it comes to designing and developing SER's current product generation Doxis4.

Gregor studied computer science at RWTH Aachen University, specialising in both databases and software & information systems engineering. He received his doctorate from the University of Bremen in 2000, having written his thesis on flexible and adaptive workflow management for distributed and dynamic processes.

Torsten Weiler, Managing Director

Torsten Weiler is a managing director of SER Solutions France SARL., SER Solutions International GmbH and Doxis4 Cloud & Storage Services GmbH, and has held managerial responsibility for the development, manufacture and sales of various generations of SER storage solutions for over 20 years.

As a long-standing chief product manager for future-proof storage systems, he has played a key role in developing SER storage systems for applications including jukeboxes and libraries right through to hard-disk-based solutions such as Doxis4 safeLock. Together with Klaus Eulenbach, he was also responsible for taking over and restructuring Doxis4 Cloud & Storage Services. It is during his tenure that the new TriCSS storage suite for protecting company data and documents was developed, and the successful strategy for marketing via partners has shown no signs of stopping.

Since 01.09.2014, Torsten's role as a sole authorised signatory makes him responsible for all commercial and organisational activities related to processing work items, as well as for the entire licence management process.

Morad Rhlid

Morad Rhlid, Managing Director

Morad Rhlid is responsible for the business development of SER Solutions International GmbH, a part of the SER Group. Since joining SER in 2014, he heads the international expansion (outside of D-A-CH) of the Doxis4 iECM suite as an authorized representative in strategic and operative business. His work focuses primarily on Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Asia and South America. He is also responsible for the many national sales subsidiaries that are wholly owned by SER Solutions International GmbH.

As a sales professional with extensive experience, Mr. Rhlid has been working in the ECM industry for 17 years now and has been highly successful in international sales. He is responsible for building international business for the SER Group and raising awareness of the brand Doxis4 internationally. As a part of the internationalization strategy, the entire Doxis4 iECM suite, including the most important solution packages, is available in 12 languages.

Morad Rhlid has pursued a diverse career path over the years. He worked for several years in the area of professional service, specializing in project management and architecture/system design, before finally dedicating himself to sales. Mr. Rhlid has been working since 2004 across the globe, at first as a consultant and later as a sales manager. In 2010, he led the international sales organization of a software firm and later took over the management of partner sales. He specializes in the technical, sales, and strategic aspects of ECM and BPM.