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Managing partners

Kurt-Werner Sikora, Managing Partner at SER

Kurt-Werner Sikora is a managing partner at the SER Group, the Group's chief executive officer and also acts as a managing director at a number of SER subsidiaries. He is the CEO for SER operations all over the world and, as a shareholder representative, is also responsible for the areas of corporate development, finance and human resources for the entire SER Group.

Kurt-Werner Sikora studied economics and law in Berlin and Hamburg. During his studies, he focused on areas such as the analysis of methodological similarities in micro- and macro aspects in economics and the truthfulness, clarity and liability of prospectuses for the protection of investors on the grey capital market (at the end of the 1970s).

During his career, Kurt-Werner gained professional experience in a number of large companies in a variety of industries (publishing, banking, services), taking a number of management positions. During this time, he also spent longer periods working abroad (e.g. in Saudi Arabia and the Republic of Sudan), where he was responsible for appraisal and controlling. The dedicated and decisive manager has committed himself almost exclusively to the IT industry since the mid-1980s. 

Oswald Freisberg, Managing Partner at SER

Oswald Freisberg is one of the managing partners at the SER Group and is the member of the board of directors responsible for sales. He is also a managing director at several SER subsidiaries. He studied mechanical engineering in Koblenz and Cologne. He is one of the leading ECM experts in the German market: He has been actively involved in many of the market's major developments over the past 30 years, from computer-aided microfilm archiving and the first electronic archiving systems to enterprise content management. For SER, he has achieved many important goals, such as building up a successful SER sales division (currently working on over 2.000 projects). Before joining SER, Oswald worked as a sales manager at another medium-sized company and at an international corporation.

Hartmut R. Gailer, Managing Partner at SER

Hartmut R. Gailer is one of the managing partners at the SER Group and the managing director of SER Solutions Österreich GmbH. He has been involved in the development of the SER Group since 2001. Dedicated to the company and his work, he is a member of a number of bodies, such as the committee for “e-business in a new economy” run by the Austrian Ministry of the Economy; the “Industrial eBusiness” committee run by the Austrian Economic Chambers; a technology campaign for the district of Carinthia in Austria; fellow of the department for Computer Science at Alpe-Adria University in Klagenfurt, Austria; AIIM, Association for Information and Image Management, USA & international; WARIA, Workflow and Reengineering International Association, USA & international.

Hartmut studied computer science and business economics (pre-graduate) at Alpe-Adria University in Klagenfurt, Austria. He has 22 years of experience working as a senior manager and business developer in the IT industry, 4 years working in software and IT sales, and 9 working in IT consultancy and project management. Before joining the IT industry, Hartmut spent 15 years working as a consultant and project manager in the engineering industry and in pipeline and tunnel construction.

Manfred Zerwas, Managing Partner at SER

As one of SER's managing partners, Manfred Zerwas is responsible for the area of marketing within the board of directors. He is also a managing director at two SER subsidiaries. He has been dealing with the ECM market for over 20 years, where he has assumed a number of management roles at medium-sized companies. He has played an active role in a number of key market developments, from electronic archiving, document management and workflow, all the way up to ECM. Within the SER Group, he has played a formative role in establishing the marketing organisation and shaping new communication channels. After completing his business apprenticeship, he went on to study business economics in Koblenz. Alongside his studies, he also worked as a freelance journalist for a large regional newspaper for a number of years.