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The SER Group management team

One of the SER Group's greatest merits are its sustainable structures that have grown naturally with the company's expansion. Over the past 35 years, the company has stood its ground thanks to its self-reliance and bid to remain independent. The SER Group's strategic management lies solely in the hands of the managing partners, the managing directors of the individual operating companies and the regional office managers.

Managing partners

The SER Group is a medium-sized, owner-run company. All shares in the company are owned solely by its managing partners Kurt-Werner Sikora (CEO), Oswald Freisberg, Hartmut Gailer and Manfred Zerwas.

We are an independent company. We do not rely on outside investments to drive our innovative progress. We enjoy close relationships with all our customers, employees and business partners. We therefore pride ourselves on being a traditional ECM software provider and technological engineer. We would like to take this opportunity to present our team.

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Managing directors

To provide the best possible solutions for a particular industry's requirements and business processes, SER has packaged its skills and expertise into four key areas. Three out of SER's four German sales companies, SER Banking Software Solutions GmbH, SER eGovernment Europe GmbH and SER HealthCare Solutions GmbH focus solely on the organisational and process-based requirements of their particular markets. The individual operating companies are run solely by their managing directors. 

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Regional office managers

One of the key factors behind our success is our close proximity to our customers. All10 of SER's German offices enjoy a central location, giving our customers easy access to our sales team, consultancy services, installation services and support. No other ECM provider in Germany can provide their customers with such great support from their local offices. Our regional managers are responsible for the success of their branches and also preside over Professional Service.