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ECM Excellence

ECM Excellence

from over 30 years of experience



SEW Eurodrive, TGW, Eissmann Group


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SER — Your partner for digitalization in mechanical and plant engineering

SER supports you in your digital transformation. The Doxis4 Digital Workspace provides employees, business partners and customers a universal and virtual workspace for information- and knowledge-based work. The international presence of SER and its partners, the Unicode capability of the standard Doxis4 solution (available in 12 languages), and the proven performance (billions of documents and tens of thousands of users) of the underlying Doxis4 ECM and BPM platform make SER the ideal partner for global players in the industrial sector.

Our strategic solution for mechanical and plant engineering

  • audit-proof archiving of business and technical documentations
  • compliance with regulations, laws and standards (internal and external)
  • access control and data protection
  • information well structured in the form of supplier, contract, machine, customer, personnel records and more
  • internal and external document management (change and release processes)
  • collaboration in project spaces
  • integration into CAD, PDM, ERP, CRM and Office systems
  • quality management with process documentations to uphold design guidelines, release processes, and much more
A digital workspace for plant and mechanical engineering

A digital workspace for mechanical and plant engineering

The SER Digital Workspace can accommodate immense data volumes (big data), regardless of where they are or in which format: from R&D documentations, design drawings, machine data and correspondences with business partners to invoices, contracts and service agreements.

Information, a major production factor, needs a space where employees can utilize it to collaborate beyond company lines and access it from anywhere and at any time. The Doxis4 Digital Workspace by SER offers exactly this. As a single source of truth, it gives the right information at the right time and at the right location.

Doxis4 secures information and taps its full potential. What's more, it connects people with information, synchronizes value chains, and facilitates knowledge-based teamwork between companies, their suppliers and customers.

Eissmann Group Automotive

The Eissmann Group made the decision to use the Doxis4 iECM Suite from SER across the entire business.

Best Practice »

SEW-Eurodrive relies on DMS archiving solutions, a globally networked, high-availability storage infrastructure and other SER solutions to optimise its processes all over the world.

Best Practice »
Neways Electronics Riesa GmbH & Co. KG

Workflow-based management of production documents with eRecords


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Weidmann Plastics Technology AG

Every year, the Weidmann group processes around 100,000 invoices for goods and services all over the world using the Doxis4 InvoiceMaster.

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Your benefits:

Efficient collaboration

Efficient collaboration

You can integrate employees, business partners and customers in equal measure into the information flows and workflows

Hedge your liability risks

Hedge your liability risks

You can lower the risk of liability with compliant, transparent and seamless documentations

Boost your accountability

Boost your accountability

You have a single source of truth for all data and documents, e.g. machine data, specifications, change requests and customer correspondences

Information in real time

Information in real time

Your employees have access to relevant information in real time — across all teams, locations and countries

Multilingual, Unicode-capable

Multilingual, Unicode-capable

International project teams profit from the multilingual capability of the Doxis4 iECM suite, which is available in 12 languages

Cut down on costs

Cut down on costs

Your company can reduce the costs of development and production through more efficient internal and external cooperation, e.g. with suppliers and customers

ECM Excellence for mechanical and plant engineering

For 30 years now, we have been a pioneer in the development of enterprise content management solutions for mid-sized and large companies in the industrial sector. We set high standards in pursuing our customers' goals. 550 employees, 30 years of know-how in development, and over 2,000 successful ECM project across the globe are our major strengths. Combined, they make us the ideal partner for international industrial companies.

Data — the raw material of the "smart factory"

The digitalization of production processes is changing the mechanical and plant engineering sector. Combined with the emergence of so-called smart factories, they are turning production plants, storage systems and components into intelligent and highly interconnected cyber-physical production systems (CPPS) that communicate with each other through the internet of things. In this environment, it is imperative that working relationships with customers and suppliers also reach a completely new and digitalized level.

In this kind of interconnected and automated system, in which everything from R&D, design and the initial customer inquiries to production and delivery through to service and maintenance is digitized, the information exchange between colleagues, business partners and customers must be fluid.

We can help you to gain a clear competitive advantage in today's market by working with you to integrate your customers and suppliers into your value chain, to digitalize your processes, and to develop service-oriented business models.

The SER Group is located across 22 international locations and works with a network of experienced partners in many other countries. Please select a city to learn more about the SER office closest to you.

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